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A Whole New Year!

As we begin this new year, which is also my 4th wedding anniversary(!), I've been reflecting on time and relationships. The image of a semi-truck that carries new cars to dealerships comes to mind. The truck symbolizes time. The cars on the truck symbolize relationships.

Rather than moving in the same direction all the time, the truck, like time, moves cyclically. It makes trip after trip each time it has new cars to carry. Every car on that truck impacts every other car on that truck. If one in the front has to get off the ride, others in the back may have to change their position. One on top getting off? The bottom adjusts. Every relationship affects every other relationship. It's a massive, moving vehicle of vehicles. A relationship of relationships.

There's always a little bit of a precariousness about that ride. Driving by one of these big rigs, have you ever imagined a car falling off like in a blockbuster movie, causing havoc for everyone else on the highway? (Maybe I've seen too many movies.) Relationships, especially when they're ending or don't get where you expect them to go, aren't pretty and can have a nasty ripple effect. Even when everything is moving along smoothly, and relationships appear beautiful and like new, we can't always see what's going on underneath the hood from the outside! That possibility of imperfection or even catastrophe doesn't mean you shouldn't make the trip though. The truck would have no reason to go anywhere without the valuable cargo.

Flawed metaphor aside, I'm so fortunate to be traveling on this journey of possibility with my spouse, Janeya. I'm in so much love with her. May our relationship have a positive impact on each other and every other relationship this trip around the sun and beyond. And may all relationships be renewed and refreshed as though we're traveling on this journey together for the first time (because we kind of are). Happy New Year, everyone, and happy anniversary, Janeya!

What's your relationship with time? Why does time even make the trip? Would time keep moving if there weren't relationships to carry? With whom, or perhaps even what, do you need to renew your relationship?

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