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I'm ordained!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Well, yesterday couldn't have gone any better. I'm now an ordained UU minister! (And have added "Rev." everywhere I could on my site and removed the qualification about my domain from the site footer to make it truly official.) The service, which was virtual and which I hope to post on the "Watch" page soon, went so well. Just a few technical glitches, but otherwise content and implementation were everything I hoped for. And the energy of the whole thing exceeded my highest expectations.

In the co-creation of the event, I really tried to marry my life as an advocate for beauty and art, with my new life devoted to justice and community. And, it seems like that marriage came together seamlessly (or at least with seams in all the right places). Considering all the individual parts and contributors that made it happen, that's a pretty remarkable thing. I view this service, celebrating my young ministry, as an imperfectly perfect sampling of the work I want to do my whole career. Bringing lots of folks' talent and treasure together. Each of whom offered time, effort, and soul into creating something of beauty which also amplifies justice. Amplifies Beloved Community.

I'm as energized as ever to live my life's song of beauty, joy, and justice.

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