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Now and Later

It’s tough to be in two places at once. Two times at once. Right now, I’m planning my big move across the country to begin my new life and ministry at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Augusta, Georgia. In fact, I recently flew there for a few days to close on a new house! My spouse, Janeya, and I are very excited and are dreaming big about what it will be like once we’re there. And, we also need to keep our feet on the ground while we’re still in southern California. I'm still serving the UU Church of Santa Paula for another month while my friend and colleague Rev. Maddie Sifantus is on sabbatical. How can I serve both what’s happening now and later?

Janeya and I have a vision for our future. It’s simultaneously grand and simple. Grand in the way we can impact the world in coalition with some super cool folks already making huge waves in Georgia. (Isn’t faith always grand?) Simple in that we also want to enjoy our lives without too much superfluous stuff or personal glory. In addition to our vision, we also have important work to do now – often just making it until the next day with all life throws at us. This moment in my life is shining a bright light on the necessity of living for the present and the future all at the same time.

So, how do I do it? How can I hold these two different important foci in the same life container? Especially since as we go we become new people based on all the things we experience. The moment is in flux. The future is in flux. Yet, it’s still important to have a way of being in this world that fits my values now, and a vision for the future that fits those values. And then I need to do this in relationship with others?! That seems to complicate things more, but… maybe that’s the answer. I’m so blessed I can struggle on these questions alongside Janeya. She is an excellent reminder to be grounded in the present.

How do you do it? How do you simultaneously radically accept where you are in this moment, while casting an expansive vision for how you’d like you and the world to transform in the future? What is your vision for the future? How willing are you to adjust that vision as life throws you new curveballs? With whom can you map out this journey and then live it together? There's nothing wrong with excitement about the future. It's great, in fact! But, how can you have the same excitement for now?

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