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Radical Resources

The resources below are intended to paint a broad picture of Unitarian Universalism - an ongoing faith-full religious experiment to build Beloved, Covenantal Community. A process that requires constantly transcending ourselves as individuals, as a faith community, and as a global community.  While meeting people exactly where they are along the way.

An important element of the Unitarian Universalist story is our anti-racist and anti-oppression work.  Efforts the UU Association of Congregations acknowledges must be done internally and externally to repair harm we've caused and prevent further harm.  In an effort to practice anti-oppression myself, some of the resources below seek to upend white, heterosexual, cis-male hegemonic narratives while amplifying the voices of those who experience the most intersectional oppression. 

It is an act of radical love to practice anti-racism and anti-oppression.  

Be Radical.


UUA Commission on Institutional Change:

Widening the Circle of Concern

Psychologists off the Clock Podcast:

Psychology of Radical Healing Collective 

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Radical Resources: Read
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