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Sermon at Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara on 6.2.19

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Who's the Creator?

We’re all perpetually creating, whether it be art, justice, or life.  We even create new ways of being in this world.  Always becoming something new ourselves.  Moment by moment.   It’s the beautiful artform of living.  An embodied jazz tune, with lots of improvisation.  The question is, when we create, who is the creator?  Are we doing it on our own?  Who or what else might be involved?   Like the greatest composers of Western classical music, from whom, if anyone, are we “borrowing” to make our masterpiece? 

This is the sermon I offered for my interview with the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee.  After the interview, Rev. Shawn Newton, who was on my panel and the Senior Minister at First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto, reached out and told me, "I loved your sermon... I really saw the craft in your words!" I hope you'll find them meaning-full!

We are the Weavers; We are the Weaved

A shared reading I wrote for my final worship service as a student at Meadville Lombard Theological School.  The intentional symbolism of the words' positioning attempts to amplify their meaning.

The Struggle of Spiritual Symbols

There are many different definitions of spirituality.  All words, symbols struggling to simplify an incredibly complex subject.  Struggling to amplify that which is bigger than ourselves.  Depending on the definition, how do our individual and communal spiritual practices help us to work through the struggle of spiritual symbols?  How does that translate into the way we live our lives?

Faith Formation Curriculum Sample

Please send me a note to request the document password.

Pastoral Presence Curriculum

Adult faith formation curriculum to boost pastoral presence throughout the congregation. Co-created with the USSB Adult Religious Education and Pastoral Care teams.  Please send me a note to request the document password.

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